This is Me


It's been said it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. I’ve never punched a timecard, but I’ve put in the hours to develop a marketing and creative mindset that leads to indisputably expert results. 

Coming from a copy background, I am a trusted marketing partner to Fortune 500 companies including MetLife, Chase Bank, and Virgin Atlantic Airways. I’ve earned my share of accolades, but what matters most is that I deliver honest results, start meaningful conversations between consumers and companies, and keep the promises that brands make to the people who count on them.

Here are some of my services:

— Marketing, brand positioning, strategy, and tactical execution

— New business, RFP responses 

— Video, broadcast, and radio

— Website, content, social media, and SEO

— Direct response

Here are some of my clients:


— American Express Centurion Card ( Black Card)

— Bloomberg Radio

— Grapeshot (now part of Oracle)


— The Educational Testing Service

— Pantone

— The National Tennis Hall of Fame

— WNYC Radio

— HomeServe USA

— Chase Bank 

— MetLife 


— Capital One


– Pfizer

— John Deere


The rest is in my resume. Download it here. 


RCN_Crea_George_LePera_Resume_ (pdf)